Laboratory of Glacial Geology, Institute of Geology and Geophysics named after A.I. Currently, the center employs 1 candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences, 1 candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, 3 junior researchers and 2 specialists.

Today, the Center conducts geological research on the topic “Geochemical properties of glaciers and moraine deposits of the Chatkal-Kuramin Nival region.” Within the framework of this topic, the employees of the Center took part in several international conferences in 2019-2022. and published 7 dissertations, 4 scientific articles in local journals and 1 scientific article in international journals.

Participates in a number of international projects to study the mass balance of mountain glaciers in Central Asia as a result of global climate change, which is one of the most urgent problems of our time, as well as to monitor the risk of glacier retreat and the formation of moraine lakes. emerging in these areas. An example of this is the international conference held in Tashkent on November 19 as part of the UNESCO GLOBCA program (Reducing the Risk of Flooding of Ice Lakes). In addition, the CICADA project, implemented in collaboration with the University of Friborg, Switzerland, monitors the mass balance of the Piskom glacial system. The employees of the Center also participate in the grant of the Ministry of Innovative Development “Development of a monitoring system for changes in the balance of the glacial mass in the context of global climate change and technologies that describe the future state of glaciers.”

The Center for Glacial Geology signed a memorandum with institutes from a number of countries for the further development of this field in the country. The presence of the Universities of Reading (England) and the University of Friborg (Switzerland) among these international memorandums paves the way for the further development of the Republic in the field of glaciology.