• Birthday: August 31, 1912
  • Date of death: June 20, 1962
  • Place of birth: Kyrgyzstan
  • Directions: Geology

imagesAbdullaev Khabib Mukhamedovich (1912 -1962) – an outstanding scientific geologist, a prominent statesman and public figure. Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1958), Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Uzbek SSR (1947), Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1946), Professor (1946). Founder of the metallogenic scientific school in Uzbekistan.

From 1930 to 1935 he was a student of the geological exploration faculty of the Central Asian Industrial Institute. In 1935 he graduated from the institute and received the title of engineer-geologist. In 1935, he was the head of the geological exploration party of the Sredazgeologorazvedka trust.

Conducted research work to study the structure of the Langar tungsten-molybdenum deposit, its formation and mineral composition.

In 1937-1939 he was a post-graduate student at the Moscow Geological Prospecting Institute. In 1939 he defended his Ph.D., in 1946 – his doctoral dissertation. Since 1940 – Associate Professor of the Mineral Resources Department of the Mining Faculty of SazPI.

In 1940-1941, he was the director of SazPI, and was soon approved by the head of the industrial department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Uzbekistan. Since 1942 – Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Uzbek SSR, and in 1944, at the same time – Chairman of the State Planning Committee of the Uzbek SSR.

Conducted important scientific research on the ore deposits of Central Asia. At the same time, he continued his pedagogical work at TashPI, where he headed the department “Metrology and metallogeny” founded by him. One of the organizers of the scientific center of the Academy of Sciences of the Uzbek SSR. Since 1943 – Corresponding Member, since 1946 – Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Uzbek SSR, in 1947-1955 – Vice-President of the Academy of Sciences of the Uzbek SSR, at the same time headed the Geological Institute. In 1952-1955 he was the chairman of the department of technical and geological and chemical sciences. In 1956-1961 – President of the Academy of Sciences of the Uzbek SSR, in 1958 he was elected a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

Published more than 130 scientific papers, including 7 major monographs: “Geology of schleite-bearing skarns of Central Asia” (1947), “Essays on the metallogeny of Central Asia” (1949), “Genetic connection of mineralization with intrusions” (1950-1954) gg.), “Dykes and mineralization” (1957), “Magnitisms and metallogeny of Central Asia” (1960) and others.

Kh. M. Abdullaev was a member of regional councils, international congresses on geology, headed many scientific and scientific-technical societies in Uzbekistan. His works devoted to the problems of the development of science, technology, economics and culture were published in Uzbek and Russian. His theoretical works helped to single out Central Asia as a special zone of metal formation. He became an outstanding theorist of geologists on a world scale! Under his leadership, a talented school of Uzbek geologists was formed, through whose labors Uzbekistan became a major world power in the production of gold, silver, tungsten, uranium, non-ferrous metals, etc. These scientific studies were published all over the world in English, French, German, Russian, Chinese .

His reports were heard at international forums of geologists in Mexico, India, England, Moscow, Alma-Ata, China. Selected works published in 7 volumes (1964-1969).

Khabib Abdullayev paid great attention to the development of the scientific potential of the republic, to young scientists. Under his leadership, 7 people defended doctoral and 28 candidate dissertations. He was the first to organize and head the Department of Petrology and Metallogeny at TashPI.